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Bob 1 | Bob 2 | Bob 3 | Bob 4 | Bob 5 - a New Beginning | Bob 6 - A Twist in the Tale (Coming Soon...)


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Welcome to the Movie page

Here you can find all of the movies to date, plus a description of the plot of the next movie (as soon as one becomes available). You can browse the movies using the links below.


Bob 1 The first ever bob movie. It was made during a business lesson when I was learning about laws. I got bored, and Bob was born.

Bob 2 After a suprising fanbase for Bob 1, I decided to make a sequel. This was greatly recieved by audiences, and there was much demand for a third.

Bob 3 The third Bob marked a turning point in the direction of Bob movies, as where previous movies portrayed him as a helpless victim of Police Brutality, he was for the first time in control. This sparked a lot of new interest in the Bob series, and demand for the next was growing.

Bob 4 This episode, originally meant to be the last ever, was a very sad episode for my small group of followers, leading to furious emails of 'BRING BACK BOB' , and much begging for a revival.

Bob 5 - A New Beginning This introduced a new character, Bob Jr. This episode recieved a mixe